Radix VISO TeacherView

A state-of-the-art cloud-based classroom management solution that provides educators with the tools to facilitate efficient collaborative distance learning in or outside the classroom. Share your screen, video camera and whiteboard in lecturer mode or group collaboration, remotely monitor and assist students in real-time. Streamline the learning experience and keep your finger on the classroom pulse.


Cloud-based virtual classroom
A cloud-based platform that is built to scale. Allow teachers to teach and students to learn remotely and have the same seamless experience of a traditional physical classroom environment.

  • Share your screen, video camera and whiteboard in lecturer mode or group collaboration
  • Virtually “walk” between all students and see their screens and faces in real-timeDiscretely assist students that need your help
  • Respond to hand raiseEngage in a 1:1 video session with a student
  • Built for collaboration and instructionShare screen between teacher and students
  • Establish visual and vocal communication
  • Bring one student’s screen to the front
  • Set and coordinate all devices on one platform
  • Simultaneously launch apps and play, stop or skip videos for a synchronized experience
  • Permit, block or lock certain apps
  • Apply kiosk modes, policy and settings
  • Share interactive virtual whiteboards, websites, surveys and quizzesTransfer and collect files simultaneously
  • Take collaborative learning to the next level

With VISO TeacherView, teachers can easily manage their class’s learning on school or BYOD devices, when in school or at home. Teachers can monitor student activities and evaluate performance in real-time, share any screen, provide individual or group assistance and implement collaborative learning methodologies.

Key features:

    • Remote at home, local at school or hybrid classrooms
    • Share teacher or student screens and video cameraDistribute content and share websitesUse multi-user whiteboard for collaborative learning software
    • Respond silently to electronic “hand raises”
    • View live thumbnails of students’ screens
    • Work alongside or remotely take control of screens
    • Keep students on-task and apply device usage policiesLock screens to maximize attention and minimize distractions
    • Limit access by blacklisting and whitelisting websites and apps
    • Share files using your favourite cloud storage (Google, Microsoft)
    • Conduct surveys and quizzesSynchronize with Google Classroom and many other platforms


Effective meetings anytime, anywhere. Stage is a hassle-free collaborative workspace designed for both on-site and distributed teams. Its clean interface and intuitive functionalities constitute a tool that makes collaboration easy and work more efficient.

Get rid of the pain and frustration of difficult meeting access
Is setting up a meeting painful, frustrating and time-consuming? Does downloading and installing apps or plugins, and dealing with complicated firewalls affect your team’s productivity? Stage makes real-time collaboration hassle-free and instant, as it’s supposed to be. Save valuable meeting time now! Effective meetings anytime, anywhere.

Stage is a hassle-free collaborative workspace designed for both on-site and distributed teams. Its clean interface and intuitive functionalities constitute a tool that makes collaboration easy and work more efficient.

Lightweight collaborative workspace with voice and video conferencing
Stage is an infinite collaboration workspace where meeting attendees can annotate, chat, share files, documents and images. With Stage you can use Powerpoints, PDFs, Docs, and pictures. At the same time, peers can make voice and video calls.


    • Design – Create mood boards, concept drawings, design layouts or wireframes.
    • Productivity – Create effective workflows and help with fast decision making.
    • Feedback – Get instant feedback from your team or customers.
    • Business – Brainstorm ideas, create roadmaps or map out business plans.
    • Planning – Easily create scheduling and resource management for your projects.
    • Meet anytime & anywhere – Defy space and time: have a meeting with audio, video and chat.
    • Education – Take advantage of the multi-user capability to organize virtual training for your teams and customers.
    • Security – Safe, cloud-based solution.

Nuiteq Snowflake

Is the only educational technology software allowing you to divide your touchscreen into independent, personalized zones. Snowflake transforms the classroom into a fun, motivating, and engaging active learning environment.

Activate your students for greater engagement with NUITEQ Snowflake
Ideal for distance learning or for your classroom, Snowflake gives you access to teacher-made standards-aligned lessons accessible anytime, anywhere. It provides a safe environment for online collaboration and allows simultaneous personalized instruction, making curriculum relevant to students’ lives.

Providing the Right Scaffolds
Every age and subject has different needs; Snowflake offers a unique configurator that allows the schools’ IT Administrator to select the appropriate scaffolds of both tools and content their teachers need.

Personalized Learning Your Way
Together with its online version, Snowflake creates an active learning system well adapted to personalized learning. It enables educators to choose the teaching resources that work best for their students and display different content and activities in a different Zone. Video Linked LessonsMore and more teachers are using videos to boost student engagement in the classroom. With Snowflake, you have access to video-linked lessons that provide hands-on activities aligned with educational standards. These lessons are made by teachers for teachers by the members of NUITEQ’s Global Content Department, but also by teachers all over the world who use Snowflake in their classroom.

A Safe Community for Collaborating
Lessons connected to the specific grade level and subject can be filtered in Snowflake. Small group collaborative learning is enabled using separate Zones.

The 3S of Snowflake:
Standards Save time scouring the web for content for your next lesson with the standard-aligned Snowflake Lessons available on the desktop and online version. Play lessons made by teachers for teachers on a large display, PC, Chromebook, laptop, or other mobile devices students have in a flipped classroom.
Story Link multiple lessons together to tell a story that you can play on any device. See your progress and take several lessons and turn them into an activity table.
Safety Send out activities to the entire class and receive automatically graded lessons to formatively respond at the speed of teaching. Receive social feedback to your created activities with likes and comments. Share lessons only within your class using a lesson group that students can contribute to. Poll (Student Response System) includes bad word filtering for open text answers to minimize class disruptions.

Benefits of taking Snowflake online

    • Content made by teachers for teachers
    • Complimentary activities for educational videos
    • Standards-aligned lessons to match your curriculum, created by active teachers that are brief, fun to watch, and engaging for the whole class
    • Customize lessons right from the browser on any device, anywhere, and anytime
    • Online polls to engage the entire class with our Student Response System
    • Storytelling using Lists of LessonsBrowse by standard, language, popularity, and find regional events
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics): Activities during classLinks to the best educational resources available on the Internet
    • Connects to a learning ecosystem for content, classroom management, and formative assessment.

Clevertouch Touch Screens for Education

As the need grows for more collaborative learning spaces, so does the demand for technology. Clevertouch is embracing immersive learning with intelligent digital classroom environments. Designed to inspire and enhance the classroom experience for teachers and learners alike. As the digital classroom develops, collaboration and interactivity are becoming an everyday feature.

Clevertouch Screen

Plus Series

Plus Series has revolutionized classroom technology. It’s incredibly functional, with its easy-to-use LUX software and an intuitive walk-up-and-use experience, it makes technology simple and accessible to all ages and backgrounds.
With hundreds of apps available for free from the Cleverstore, and access to Snowflake Lesson’s Community where teachers share their interactive activities, you’ll have more resources than ever, with no subscription costs or hidden fees.

AV Education Awards
Clevertouch V Series

V Series

Ideal for the more budget conscious, V Series benefits from advanced connectivity, a simple to use LUX user interface, and many of the great functionality and features you can experience with other education displays in the Clevertouch family.
With whiteboard-mode using the Note app, an in-built internet browser, and subscription-free access to Lynx, Clevermaths and Snowflake MultiTeach when connecting a PC – the V Series offers a complete classroom solution.

AV Education Awards


  V Series Plus Series
Lynx ? ?
Note ? ?
MultiTeach by Snowflake ? ?
Lessons Online by Snowflake ? ?
DisplayNote ? ?
Clevermaths ? ?
20 point touch ? ?
4K ? ?
Dual pen   ?
Clever Account Profile with NFC*   ?
Clever Message   ?
Clevershare ? ?
High precision touch   ?
Super-glide surface   ?
Cleverstore   ?
Remote management ? ?

Our Industry Partners

Clevertouch believe in making interactivity and collaboration simple and seamless. We’re dedicated to working with partners who share these values, and that’s why we’ve chosen to work with industry leaders with collaboration at their core.

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