MINRRAY UT12 Integrated Open platform

Minrray U12 Android Open Platform 


Integrated Android Open Platform UT12 is an integrated audiovisual open endpoint platform,which applies Android operating system. It has series of audio/video interface configuration, which makes many functions available, such as audio and video interaction, desktop sharing, multimedia sharing, recording etc. It can be widely used in Video conferencing, Remote training, Tele-medicine, Collaborative office, Command&Control center and many other high-end professional applications



1. Integrated platform design: 

Support audio input and output; support 1x HDMI input, 1x HDMI output; with LAN interface; with 2x USB2.0 interface; with Bluetooth and 5GWiFi interface.Camera and endpoint platform successfully integrated together.


2. Built-in audio algorithm: 

Echo cancellation algorithm includes AGC audio gain, AEC delay, voice noise reduction, Double Talk parameter adjustment; supports line in and xlr microphones;


3. Compact design: 

UT12 adopts integrated compact design, built-in camera and multiple interfaces. With mall size, rich interface and easy connection advantage, easy for clients installation and maintenance.


4. Open hardware platform and SDK: 

UT12 fully supports the secondary development by users to achieve custom needs.


5. Unmatched platform compatibility: 

Support users to customize developments such as H.323/SIP protocol stack, and achieve good interoperability with main standard endpoint and MCUs in the filed. Convenient client to extend or update the product.


6. Wireless WiFi: 

Support standard wireless protocols ; support simple and efficient equipment deployment.


7. Local storage: 

Support SD card storage; U disk storage; storage space is up to 32G


8. Superb high-definition image: 

The camera employs 1/2.8 inch, 2.07 million pixels high quality CMOS sensors with resolutions of up to 1920×1080 and frame rate up to 60fps.


9.Wide angle zoom lens without distortion: 

The camera has the option of 12X optical zoom lenses. 12X zoom lens offers 72.5 ° wide view angle without distortion. Digital zoom 10x.


10. Leading auto focus technology: The leading auto focus algorithm provides fast, accurate and stable auto-focusing.


11. Low-power sleep function: 

Supports low power sleep/wake up with consumption in sleep mode.


12. Quiet and quick pan/tilt mechanism: 

By adopting a step driving motor mechanism, the camera works extremely quietly and moves very smoothly.