MINRRAY VC460 Video bar

Minrray Intelligent 4K Video Bar VC460


With an all-in-one design, VC460 has a 4K UHD camera, microphone array, high fidelity speaker, and electric privacy cover. With powerful functions like face recognition, voice localization, voice tracking, and intelligent noise reduction, VC460 could automatically adjust the image size according to the number of participants to present the optimal frame. It can also detect the speaker position in real-time and lock the target while having a close-up, allowing users to operate hands-free. VC460 has 6 array microphones composed of MEMS microphones, and it can also be matched with an external cascading microphone, plus an advanced 3A audio algorithm, you will have an exceptional full-duplex communication experience. The built-in linear microphone array composed of 6 MEMS microphones can also be matched with cascadable expansion microphones. The advanced 3A audio algorithm clarifies the directional pickup and brings a 6-meter full-duplex high-quality call experience.