MINRRAY MR1060 Series Integrated HD Audiovisual CoMMunication Terminal

Minrray MR1060 Series Integrated HD Audiovisual Communication Terminal  


MR1060 Series Integrated HD Audiovisual Communication Terminal is a new generation of integrated HD audiovisual communication terminal,providing rich interfaces, built-in high-performance digital signal processing chip.It also supports dual 1080P60 HD video and AAC-LD broadband voice encoding and decoding.With ultimate conferencing and collaboration experience offered, it is an ideal choice for video conferencing, command control, online education, tele-medicine and other professional applications.



Key Features

1. Strong Compatibility

a.Support H.323 / SIP dual-protocol stack, which make it achieve good interoperability with the industry standard terminals, MCU, GK, etc. It is convenient for customers’ expansion and upgrading.
b.The rich interface configuration make it fit for different application environment and compatible with mainstream audio/video input/output devices. It also can achieve rapid deployment, reducing the times to modify wiring.

2. Superior performance to enhance the best user experience
a.Built-in high-performance digital signal processing chip,support dual 1080p60 from both mainstream and auxiliary stream encoding simultaneously(optional), providing single-display, dual display and rich video window layout to enhance the user experience.
b.Audio supports AAC-LD broadband codec, and use optimal algorithm to achieve echo cancellation, noise suppression and automatic gain control, thus to ensure high-fidelity, low-latency audio transmission.
c.Unique media error correction(MEC) technology can guarantee smooth audio and video effects under high bit error rate condition (priority to ensure audio quality under network degradation condition) 

3. User-friendly design for operation and maintenance
a.MR1060 adopts high integrated structural design(integrated camera), to present a simple and fashionable appearance, and provide matched brackets to achieve wall mount and upside down installation
b.Built-in gravity sensor, making the image flip automatically under upside down mount mode.
c.Flat UI style design, to make it easier for user to operate.
d.Remote controller integrated part of function buttons, making it convenient and practical to achieve common function with only one click.
e.U disk, web pages and other upgrades ways will help post-maintenance and system upgrades.
f.Optional high quality 360 degree omnidirectional digital microphone array; simple wiring is helpful to quick installation.

4. Multiple security mechanism ensures the security of content transmission.
a.The system applies AES media encryption technology.
b.User certificates, password protection, HTTPS security links and other encryption measures ensures safe operation of the system.