STAGE for business

STAGE for Business 

Collaborative digital workspace for the conference room.

Get rid of the pain and frustration of difficult meeting access

Is setting up a meeting painful, frustrating, and time-consuming? Does downloading and installing apps or plugins, and dealing with complicated firewalls affect your team’s productivity? NUITEQ Stage makes real-time collaboration hassle-free and instant, as it’s supposed to be. Save valuable meeting time now!

Effective Meetings Anytime, Anywhere

Stage is a hassle-free collaborative workspace built for both on-site and distributed teams. Its clean interface and intuitive functionalities constitute a tool that makes collaboration both simple and effective.

Collaborate with colleagues

Stage is an infinite collaboration workspace where meeting attendees can annotate, chat, share files, documents, and images. With Stage you can use Powerpoints, PDFs, Docs, and pictures. At the same time, peers can make voice and video calls.

No download needed

Present, brainstorm, discuss, create mind maps and collaborate in 3 easy steps. Go to, enter the code, start collaborating!