STAGE for Education

Stage for Education

Collaborative digital workspace for the classroom.

Annotate, chat and share

Stage is an infinite collaboration workspace where your class can annotate, chat, share files, documents, and images. With Stage you can use Powerpoints, PDFs, Docs, and pictures. Just press the start call with MS-Teams and you all will be talking and seeing each other in no time

Curated content at your fingertips

Connect directly to your account and access thousands of lessons built by teachers for teachers.

Lesson planning is simplified which saves
the teachers valuable time and engages the students.

Digital learning hub

NUITEQ Stage allows for the instruction to be delivered online and links directly to Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. Simply link your Microsoft Teams education account and invite students to your virtual classroom.

No download needed

Present, brainstorm, discuss, create mind maps and collaborate in 3 easy steps. Go to, enter the code, start collaborating!