MINRRAY VC700 Omnidirectional speakerphone

Minrray VC700 Omnidirectional Speakerphone  


VC700 is a professional cascade omnidirectional microphone, able to deliver crystal clear and true-to-life sound. VC700 has perfect expansion capabilities. It is equipped with an expansion system with a microphone and speaker. When users want to use it in a larger meeting room or for group discussions, the two devices can work in the same conference at the same time and the speakers and microphones of the main unit and the expansion unit are fully synchronized. Then they can be controlled with each other at the same time. That greatly optimizes the omnidirectional microphone’s pickup and playback capabilities, bringing a better experience to the users



Key Features

1. Full Duplex Technology 

Featured with full duple deep echo cancellation, 48K voice calling over broadband technology, microphone smart mix, dynamic noise reduction, and automatic gain technology. 

2. High-power speaker 

As built-in high-fidelity and high-power speakers, the voice from VC700 is continuous and undistorted. 

3. 360° Voice Pick Up

Support Line IN/OUT stimulate interface to connect with external communic­ation terminal with 3.5mm audio cable. It also supports multi-media communi­cation systems and network meeting platforms.